Monday, April 21, 2008

I am so excited...

I am getting more into scrapbooking--it helps that we have extra money for my and garrett's hobbies-- but for our 8 year anniversery...i know...8 years...but anyway...he got me a cricut expression machine...and in case you don't know what a cricut machine is and the wonders it can do...

Click here to find out how awesome it is!!!

My job is going good. The late hours kind of suck...but what can ya do! At least I am getting out of the house!

One thing we all love is netflix. If any of you have not tried should. We finally gave into the netflix lifestyle and we love it. Right now we are getting 5 movies at a time for $30 a month. We mail our movies back on monday and have 5 new movies for the weekend...we love it...and it saves us so much money cause we were spending $100 or more a month to buy moves we only watched a few times. And this way we can see the movie first and then decide whether or not to buy it...we just HAD to buy the Ant Bully...our kids just loved it...but you have to go check it out!!! (and i am not getting paid for this plug...but i should...we just think it is just that awesome!)

The main network I frequent is Facebook. I hope to see ya there.

But I must go now and change some diapers.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Look What I Can Do

Well, I didn't do it...Goofy Girl did...and Goji Juice girl...GO GOJI JUICE! But check out my new look. Now I have to come and post regularly. But now that my new look is officially here, I think I must update those few people (thanks) who still check here sometimes:

So our computer is still possessed by some gremlin. Sometimes it is a virus...sometimes it is a bad hard drive...sometimes it is our twins wondering what that pretty POWER ON button is all about...but regardless...we need a new computer. So on to the next piece of news...

I got a part time job. Nothing too fancy...especially in small town Iowa...I am working at the Spencer Daily Reporter late evenings. I have a very important job...i put the inserts in the paper...Glam-or-ous! But the hours work so I can still get some sleep and have no daycare. And it is 20-25 hours so I can make extra money so we can buy stuff we want...not stuff we my new hobby I have been meaning to take up for a few years now...

SCRAPBOOKING--I have been wanting to do this for years. Now I have finally stopped the procrastination. I have the albums...have the glue...FINALLY developed my pictures of when my 5 year old was an infant...have the pretty paper...have the extra money to fund the I am off. Now if I could just figure out the digital scrapbooking--anybody got any suggestions on how/where to go to learn that?!

We got our Land Rover fixed. And we bought a fuel-awesome car over the winter. So now my hubby can start the hobby he has wanted to start for some time---Decking out his landrover to go off roading. is only alittle bit more than my hobby (GULP) but our Land Rover is 4X4 truck on the planet! Or so I have been told.

But there it is...The past few months in a nutshell. So what if the making money with blogging fell through so far. I have met some fantastic people/bloggers/mothers/fathers/shewhobloggers/fun mondayers/kids registry-ers/momisoders/ningers/lil mousers/and anyone inbetween-ers. Now that my health is better and I am at least making $$$ somehow with no daycare, I can just blog...for the sake (addiction) of blogging.

here is a funny picture
Dream Blanket

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