Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Fun Monday

Gather around everyone. I am going to tell you a story today. A story of a woman who has lost her mind and needs tons of crap to remember her name and what is going on in her life.

Well, Candid Karina wants to see our security blankets--the grown up versions. Please, let me break it down for you:

  1. My "little black book"--that is my phone...can't leave home without it.
  2. My "little gray book"--my address book...for those numbers that are not in my never may just need one of them in a shopping time of need.
  3. My ink pen--because you never know when that little piece of inspired thought will come along and damn it all to HE!! if you forgot your pen at home---or you need to write on your hand cause you can't remember anything!!!
  4. My notebook (the striped bigger notebook in the middle)--for all my blogging and freelance writing ideas---my hubby just shakes his head at that.
  5. My Planner (the white and orange notebook on the right)--CAN NOT LEAVE WITHOUT IT--CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING WITHOUT IT--WOULD FORGET MY NAME WITHOUT IT--ok...i can't remember anything...especially now that i have 4 kids. My planner is my lifeline!
  6. And last but not least...My Coffee Cup. I am a stay at home mom so I need the biggest cup I can find for coffee and I don't need a lid...WALA...the mother of all coffee cups...and does hold almost a whole pot of coffee. But believe it or not...i am still dog tired by the middle of the day.

Well, that is my story of a lady who can't function without lots of notebooks and even more caffeine. Now go--look---check everyone else out.

Monday, October 29, 2007

My kids have been busy this past week!!

so this post might be alittle long...boy have they been busy...first i will start with kincaid...
it was kincaid's turn for i made a halloween treat bag...decorated a bag and baked 3 different kinds of cookies....

and as you can see...a daddy ghost got at my cookies.

a naturalist came to the library on saturday and all the kids did a leaf picture...kincaid made a it!

the following is all the school stuff kincaid brought home from school...

lots of apple tree

apple mobile...

more apple...

another apple tree

look, another apple...

it was theme week at his school of the days was twin what better than to take pics of his twin brothers...and he got a sheriff temp. tattoo...i don't know why but it look cool, doesn't it.

corrine wanted to color something so i printed out this frame and she came up with this piece of art...
and this is her naturalist picture from the library...

the twins pooped and puked but (luckily) i didn't get any pics of that!

The Joy of sons...

Thanks to Mr. Willowtree down under, he directed me to the cutest web page...and since I have 3 boys...I find it funny...and alittle scary to see some of the future things that will happen to me!


Friday, October 26, 2007


So yesterday I was looking for some post ideas when I came a Wonderpets paper airplane. So I printed it out and gave it to Kincaid. I really don't know how it happened--except that Kincaid's favorite thing of all time is Transformers--but this seemingly gentle, kind, colorful paper airplane went from Wonderpets fun to...

Kincaidatron (otherwise known as Megatron) killer plane!

Tell me--How fun is it to still have an imagination like that!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wordless Wednesday Update

Check out this satellite picture of the wildfires!

That is amazing and horrifing at the same time.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007



you will never believe what happened...

so i had just finished my last post about how i love being a mom...when the horrible son smashed his mouth on the very corner of our brand new coffee table...

...first of all...let me add that we have had kids for 5 years and we have never owned a coffee table...both of us cracked our heads on the corners of coffee tables when we were kids and we just didn't want to deal with that...we have owned this coffee table for less than 2 weeks...i guess coffee tables will always be injury machines...

...but anyway...back to my there is blood everywhere and he is screaming and not understand what is going on..the twins are crying...corrine is looking very scared...he split his lip and knocked loose one of his front teeth...

...let me say another thing...about 2 years ago we had to spend about 9 grand on his baby teeth...yea...that is what we thought...but they grew in rotton...some this loose tooth is worth about $700... to make this long story very short...i spent the rest of my afternoon calling garrett so he could come home from work so i could take him to the ER...garrett spent the rest of his afternoon baking cookies for treat tell can't live with them, ya can't live with them and own a coffee table...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sometimes I just love being a mom...

So if you have read this blog at all, you know I have 4 kids...and they are a handful for me. I have twin infants, which are always keeping us busy...i have a 5 year old who is starting to have a social life---a bigger one than me i might add...and a 1 1/2 year old girl who wants to be the center of the world...and is sick...and is teething...4 teeth at a time!

But tomorrow is Kincaid's treat day at school...and this kind of stuff is my speciality. So I decided to do a super duper milk and cookies treat bag. They already get milk for snack time, so I baking the cookies. I am making oatmeal and raisin, macadamia nut and white choc., and halloween sugar cookies. I am going to decorate paper bags and put one of each cookie in each bag. I love doing this kind of stuff. I know I am so busy already and the pile of dishes on my counter is getting bigger by the second, but I don't care. I want my kids to have that special touch in their childhood. Isn't that one of the reasons I am a stay-at-home mother? I know it isn't for the money. I will take pictures and post later. But the down side of being a stay-at-home mother...I have 2 babies whining, 1 little lady screaming her head off, and one big brother who is bossing everyone around...but i love it!

check me out...

check out my fun monday post everyone

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fun Monday Thank you's...

ok...i have been sick this week and i just want to thank all the people who still stopped by my fun monday...i know i am not going to get to all of yours...i only got to a few as it is...but i just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and i will see ya next week!

Kincaids Wonderful Works-from preschool that is...

All right everyone, I know I have slacked this week...but give me a break. I was sick, then Kincaid, then Corrine, now the babies. Kincaid has missed school all week. He just can't shake the cough he has. It is bad enough he is hacking all over the house. Like I need him hacking all over the school building too. And besides, it is REALLY bleeping cold and windy here in small town iowa. I don't want him to get sicker. But here are his stuff from the week of the 8th...

his elephant of course..........................................and his apple finger puppet-there is a story to it but it is too long to put on here but trust me---it is awesome! that little thing is a potatoe temp. tatoo i got --he didn't do it at school but i thought it was funny when i found it so i got it--it is free (love free)

his class went on a field trip to Pistol Petes. there was "gold" mining, corn maze, and all the kids got to pick out a pumkin. this is the newspaper...really cool but the whole thing wouldn't fit on my website.

this is his clifford page...he said he likes black...and this is his it. he is loving school and next tuesday is his day to take treats...any readers out there help me pick...

  1. Cracker Jacks
  2. Halloween Sugar Cookies

1 or 2...2 or 1...alittle of both...what should i send with him?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Winter Bazaar hosted by Scribbit

I posted this when i was sick so i would not forget to do a real post about it...but check it sounds like fun...there are monthly themes and crafting check it hope i can do it...i am starting to have too much on my plate as it is ....and i am loving it.

sickie sickie

no blogging today...we are all sickie sickie...but i am so addicted that i had to post something...just anything to get my blog fix...see ya all tomorrow (hopefully)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun Monday Here I Come!!!

So Janet told me to tell a story of a lovely lady who met a fellow...

Describe your meeting with your spouse/significant other. I especially want to hear "meet cute" stories. And it doesn't have to be your actual current sig/other. Perhaps the "meet cute" story is a former boy/girlfriend... or even a best friend. Illustrate with photos, of course.

So we met at a coffee shop I was working at in North is called Steamworks Coffee and Tea Company. And is case you are wondering, yes, they do have the best coffee I have ever had. My favorite is the Sumatra--buy some and try it if you can...tell 'em Kerith sent ya (it has been so long hopefully they remember me). But anyway...on to my story.

I started my day at 5:30 am so I saw everyone coming and going to work. I saw this tall guy in an army jacket always walk by about 6:10 and everyday I would go to the window to see him go to the bus stop. But then one day, a regular customer told him that the girl at the coffee shop always watched him every morning. And my hubby got the bright idea to come to the coffee shop and make me nervous and what not.

I couldn't help but stare at him when he did. And he pretented not to see but would secretly laugh at me cause I was such a dork. One time I was talking to him (he didn't have the army coat so i didn't know who it was) and when I realized who it was I ran into the back of the coffee shop and didn't come out...yes...for real...i am that much a dork. So we starting to talk and he asked me out...we went to the Mall Of America to watch a movie I picked out (American Psycho--not the best date movie) and we ate pizza at midnight, and the rest is history. There are so many more fun stories about us but that will have to be for a different post!

I am doing this fun monday in my personal blog because I figured that this was somewhat of a personal and family post...and here is what you have all been waiting for....

a picture of us:

isn't he just the cutest swede you have ever seen! it is going on 8 years for us and i love it! his is just so funny and he keeps me on my toes. I couldn't have asked for a better hubby! Now go and check everyone else out!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn Goodie Swap---go check it out!

Love the idea of this...go check it out for can never get enough presents!
Tell her Kerith Collins sent ya!!!

Wordless Wednesday

I am officially joining the Wordless Wednesday i just have to find the group to sign up...


for those of you who actually know about my personal family rambling blog...i am delurking...i am actually making comments on all those blogs i love to read but never let them know how cool they are!!! so i must go and delurk...and feed some babies...cause they are crying as i speak...or type...or back later tonite...

Monday, October 8, 2007


So I love my kids and I am a cheeseball when it comes to stuff they do or taking pictures (you would figure I would have a camcorder but I am too cheap to buy one!!!) Just to keep all my readers (oh...i am so funny) kincaid seems to still be liking school...he is coloring more so that is a good thing...

We suspect he may be getting bullied by some older kids (his preschool is in the K-6 grade school building and he rides the same bus as all those kids) but we are not sure. We taught him to be a good, sweet kid. Either he is getting bullied and he is putting up with it to have friends...or he may be getting bullied but doesn't really know it cause it has never happened to him before. Either way, we are considering homeschooling. So if any of you are homeschoolers, I would love a comment from you or an e-mail about it. We have talked about it for years but talking about it and actually doing it are two different things.

Anyway..on to my other here are my twins--Liam and Connor...and as you can see...crawling is right around the corner...

What am I going to do when that happens....BEWARE! BABY CROSSING! But they are sssssooooooo cute...and a handful...and they are I don't have enough to I don't have too many perionds in this sentence.

And my little lady, Corrine (pronounced cor-inn--for those lovely fans who want to know who you are!) no pics--well, none I want to post---I did buy her the cutest halloween shirt that I put on her yesterday...and within 7 seconds she had chocolate syrup on it...NO KIDDING! We were going outside to hang up spooky ghosts and I thougt it would be nice to complete the halloween fun with a cute yet scary t-shirt...and her dad was nice enough to share some choc. syrup with kincaid and corrine just as we are going out the door...and BAAM---choc. syrup on the ask you spooky can you be with choc. syrup all over the can't be...but whatever...that is what i get for planning spooky..i get ghosts with a side of chocolate...anyway...check out Kerith's Korner of Momdum for the ghosts on Fun Monday...But i must go and do more blogging...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Have you had a Care Bear Day?

ssssssssooooooooo...corrine and I were hanging out and she wanted to look at the care bears online. ssssssssoooooooo we went to the site and printed off a coloring sheet

she did a great job (some if it i did...just in case you are thinking my daughter is a coloring guru)

when kincaid got home from school, he wanted to join in on our care bear day...this is his take on care bear day. he found the web site, found his favorite bears, colored and printed it all on his own...he even got the colors right...but i just wanted to welcome you all to our care bear day and hope you have one too!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


yea...he thinks he is just that funny...

OK...this is a shout out to my brother Ryan...he is getting his physic's doctorate in Montana somewhere...and i miss him and love him and his niece and nephews miss him too...kudos to him and his special know who you are!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kincaid's wonderful works...

so i have decided to post kincaid's school work every week...and yes...i am just that big of a cheeseball about my family and stuff...i save everything...i have already posted 2 of his things from last week if you want to check them out...but he is home from school so i must go...