Monday, October 8, 2007


So I love my kids and I am a cheeseball when it comes to stuff they do or taking pictures (you would figure I would have a camcorder but I am too cheap to buy one!!!) Just to keep all my readers (oh...i am so funny) kincaid seems to still be liking school...he is coloring more so that is a good thing...

We suspect he may be getting bullied by some older kids (his preschool is in the K-6 grade school building and he rides the same bus as all those kids) but we are not sure. We taught him to be a good, sweet kid. Either he is getting bullied and he is putting up with it to have friends...or he may be getting bullied but doesn't really know it cause it has never happened to him before. Either way, we are considering homeschooling. So if any of you are homeschoolers, I would love a comment from you or an e-mail about it. We have talked about it for years but talking about it and actually doing it are two different things.

Anyway..on to my other here are my twins--Liam and Connor...and as you can see...crawling is right around the corner...

What am I going to do when that happens....BEWARE! BABY CROSSING! But they are sssssooooooo cute...and a handful...and they are I don't have enough to I don't have too many perionds in this sentence.

And my little lady, Corrine (pronounced cor-inn--for those lovely fans who want to know who you are!) no pics--well, none I want to post---I did buy her the cutest halloween shirt that I put on her yesterday...and within 7 seconds she had chocolate syrup on it...NO KIDDING! We were going outside to hang up spooky ghosts and I thougt it would be nice to complete the halloween fun with a cute yet scary t-shirt...and her dad was nice enough to share some choc. syrup with kincaid and corrine just as we are going out the door...and BAAM---choc. syrup on the ask you spooky can you be with choc. syrup all over the can't be...but whatever...that is what i get for planning spooky..i get ghosts with a side of chocolate...anyway...check out Kerith's Korner of Momdum for the ghosts on Fun Monday...But i must go and do more blogging...


Just Expressing Myself said...

I'm loving your blog.
It would be great to have a member post from you at the group site.
Tell us how you got your start in blogging and where you'd like to go with it.
Curious minds want to know ;)
Much bloglove,

Tink said...

Is that an apple PIE? What a smart kiddo! That is what comes next. :)