Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fun Monday

Gather around everyone. I am going to tell you a story today. A story of a woman who has lost her mind and needs tons of crap to remember her name and what is going on in her life.

Well, Candid Karina wants to see our security blankets--the grown up versions. Please, let me break it down for you:

  1. My "little black book"--that is my phone...can't leave home without it.
  2. My "little gray book"--my address book...for those numbers that are not in my never may just need one of them in a shopping time of need.
  3. My ink pen--because you never know when that little piece of inspired thought will come along and damn it all to HE!! if you forgot your pen at home---or you need to write on your hand cause you can't remember anything!!!
  4. My notebook (the striped bigger notebook in the middle)--for all my blogging and freelance writing ideas---my hubby just shakes his head at that.
  5. My Planner (the white and orange notebook on the right)--CAN NOT LEAVE WITHOUT IT--CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING WITHOUT IT--WOULD FORGET MY NAME WITHOUT IT--ok...i can't remember anything...especially now that i have 4 kids. My planner is my lifeline!
  6. And last but not least...My Coffee Cup. I am a stay at home mom so I need the biggest cup I can find for coffee and I don't need a lid...WALA...the mother of all coffee cups...and does hold almost a whole pot of coffee. But believe it or not...i am still dog tired by the middle of the day.

Well, that is my story of a lady who can't function without lots of notebooks and even more caffeine. Now go--look---check everyone else out.


AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Way to go Kerith! I'm impressed. I just leave a pad of paper & about five pens in the car for those inspirational moments. Have you heard of Momgendas? I think that's what they are called? They got rave reviews on all of the Mommy rating blogs for organization busy moms.

Sandy said...

Even your organizers are organized! I am impressed and I am in serious WANT of that coffee cup. Great post.

Beckie said...

You ARE organized! Those little inspirations that come to me...if I don't catch them in my web of a mind then they are out the window as fast as I can say Jack Sprat.

Great Post!

alisonwonderland said...

i love your notebooks! and it looks like we've got the same phone. :)

ChrisB said...

You are well organised, you can tell by your notebooks and your numbered list.

Crown Princess said...

i love the reasons for the different notebooks

Pamela said...

do you like the color orange?
it all looks coordinated.

Good for you if you write stuff down. I need to take a cue from you and do this. Especially when I wake during the night with an idea to save the world. Then in the morning, forgotten.

Karina said...

That is one HUGE coffee cup girl! ;-) I love all your notebooks and stuff, the are so pretty and colorful!

Sirdar said...

Love the coffee cup!! Hey...if you are going to drink the stuff...might as well drink lots.

Jo and JD said...

Well I am quite proud of you! Wait until you hit those 'Golden Years'. You think you can't remember now....hehehehe WELL, just wait. I have renamed my 'Golden Years' to 'Crappy Years' because there isn't anything golden about it. Great Post.