Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun Monday

Ok...all this sickness--yes...we got sick...again...now it is the cough and cold...but anyway---and the holidays is really putting a kink in my blogging world...but the show must go on...even if it is late!

So our blue momma in the fishbowl wants to see our unfinished projects. I have some ironic news for everyone. The batteries in my camera were dead so I couldn't take any pictures and my projects were unfinished, so I had to finish them...sorry.

But check out a former Fun Monday post with a laundered unfinished project. But I will just have to tell you all my (former) unfinished projects...the reason I didn't blog yesterday...cause it was driving me CRAZY!

So, I was behind on everything due to sickies and the holidays. My kitchen was a mess. The Friday after turkey day, we all got sick again just in time for the weekend. So needless to say, some of the turkey day dishes were still undone...yuk...i know. So i did those. And there were toys all over the place...picked up. The floor had kid crumbies...you know what I am talking about...vacuumed. My kids room was a disaster area...picked up--by them. Kitchen floor was yucky...now is un-yuckified. Let me see.....what have I forgotten.....oh...the bathroom...my only unfinished project as of yet. Piles of dirty clothes in there, dirty toilet, dirty sink, dirty tub...yea...it is grossing me out. I must go clean it now. But before you go, check out the other fun monday-ers. There are 50 some of us this week so we will all be busy reading and not finishing out projects this week...oh well...at least we will feel better when there are 50 more of us not finishing!!!

Ask Santa to write to a Child today

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kitten said...

Oh, sweety I hate yal were sick. Hope yall feeling better!