Friday, May 30, 2008

It wouldn't be called work if it wasn't work...

SSSSSSSSSSSSooooooooooo...I had to quit my job---some dumbass came to work drunk and decided it was a good idea to say some really yucky and bordering on harrassing things to me...yea...I didn't think it was a good idea either. So now I have to find another part time job.

So with no job, I have no scrapbooking-cricut-papercrafting budget---gosh dang him to heck...yea...I said it. So next week it is off to a local temp. agency to hopefully find something part time. But in the mean time there is something stuck in my head that I just can get out...

Cricut...well yes...but Cricut doesn't invade my dreams

Crafting...well yes again...but that is just a hobby.

Esty and the homemade revolution

OH MY GOD...I found out about Esty late last year but didn't really give it another thought because I was too caught up in blogging and writing for all my blogs. But now that I am kind of out of that and actually getting into my hobbies again (and have the money to fund them once I am working again)...holy cow. I am in love. People make the coolest things...

like this

and this

and this

check this out

love this

want to buy this

and this

and this

ok...this is the last thing more!

And I have an idea for a shop. And here in small town Iowa...I think they need something like this...well...small town Iowa needs all the help it can get. But I mustn't rush anything like I tend to do. I must research, and research some more, and get an inventory up so I actually have something to sell once I start selling. But I can't get it out of my head. My idea invaded my dreams. I don't remember exactly what happened but it involved Etsy and all her homemade goodness.

And besides, if you talk with my man, he will tell you I was to have a home business of my own but have more schemes than a business of my own. Hopefully this will happen and work out!

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Kmommy said...

Sounds awesome!! I also absolutely LOVE Etsy! Signed up with the intent of selling crochet stuff (which someday I actually will!!)but ended up buying lots of fabulous stuff!! :) And just spending tons of time checking out all the really cool things other people are making and selling :) Love it!