Monday, May 19, 2008

Mommy Monday Update

So I have been really bad on my blogging since the whole My-Gall-Bladder-and Liver-and Kidneys-Hate-Me health issue. But I have been trying to do better...and to narrow down the hobbies (addictions) I am going to have. And even that has been next to nothing since I got my evening (very very late evening) part time job.

But I am going to do my best to do updates on my family every monday. So here goes...

Kincaid and the horrible hair cut I gave him for picture day---yea---this haircut is saved forever.

Corrine for V-day---late I know but look how cute she is!

Connor lovin' the camera!

Liam lovin' the camera!

This is our volcano weekend project. We still have the volcano and use it alot!

This is short and sweet but I had to start somewhere. I hope to be back soon...maybe even visit some old bloggy friends!

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