Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Day of Shots He** is over...thank god

The day I have been dreading for weeks now is finally over...shots day. Kincaid got 4, the little lady and the twins all got 3. The appointment was at 9AM. I started to get everyone ready at 6:45 in the morning, yet we were still late. And it took almost 3 hours....yea...4 kids takes up alot of time. There was being late, paperwork, them going through the mountain of paperwork, talking about each kid, then...finally...the shots.

Kincaid, for lack of a better phrase, took it like a man. The twins screamed for about 10 minutes a piece. Corrine, on the other hand, cried for each shot in each kid. Man am I glad I have only 4. Now Kincaid can go back to school. He missed about 3 weeks due to not enough shots.

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