Monday, December 3, 2007

eCommerce Stores Need Christmas Presents Too

Tis the season for shopping. But don't forget about your own eCommerce store as well. I found this fantastic eCommerce software for your online store.

Ashop provides great shopping cart software that is affordable for every e-store owner. They start you out with a 10 day free trial, where you can test drive their user friendly features. Some of these features include free tech support, inventory control, product reports, google checkout, multiple currency, fraud protection, hosting, and e-mail.

Once you discover that your eCommerce store can't live withouth Ashop's shopping cart, they start you out for as little as $69 a month. This is a great price for any e-shop owner who needs an all-in-one eCommerce software provider.

So check out Ashop. Start building your eCommerce store, use their shopping cart software, and get ready to sit back and enjoy your online store today.

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Just Expressing Myself said...

I've read nothing but great reviews about this software.
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