Friday, January 18, 2008

fraud, ladder flying friday

Don't think I am crazy but every once in a while I check out I enjoy astrological readings and usually absorb it all in fun...

This morning I get a call from one of my credit cards saying that there has been some unusual spending. I am thinking to myself "Well...I know it's not me because I am on complete lockdown!" NO SPENDING! I was somehow in Baltimore yesterday and went crazy at Staples, then I bought some groceries, but not just some groceries but enough for a party. The charges went on. I was asked "Are you sure you these aren't your charges ?" OF COURSE!!!!! From the Bronx to Baltimore....UH NO!!! NOT ME!

Then, take my Prince to preschool. He has not been so excited to go to preschool lately. A little girl either has a crush or just a little angry. She hits him. On the way to school he mentions her name and says "I don't like girls". I say "that's fine but no one is allowed to hit you and I will speak to the teacher".

As we are standing in the door it seemed like MAYHEM in the class. Kids were play fighting and no one was paying attention. One kid is throwing a toy wooden ladder in class..BOOM....clocks my son in the head.

Me: B is not enjoying coming to school anymore

Teacher: Is he alright?

ME: I think he would be alright if he didn't worry about girl hitting him, and where is the supervision to these kids in the morning??? They are out of control.

Teacher: Yes, I have to get back in there

My son: BLAHHHHHH BLAHHHHH so and so just hit me.

Me: Come on let's go home....(I turn to the teacher) he should not be getting hit at all and he may be better at home today.

My son: No I wan to stay....BLAHHHHH BLAHHHHH

Me: O.K...

Teacher: He'll be fine...I will watch him closely and keep so and so away from him.

It's movie day today and we are going to have popcorn. Everyone in the school sits in the auditorium and we watch movie.

Me: Not a fan of watching movies in school, he could do that at home. He has a hunger for learning letters and numbers. He needs to be a little more challenged. (They were going to watch Dora). They do this once a year - so I am told.

I left the school with some discomfort....Picked him up and he seemed to be fine, no bruises and no tears. They changed the movie to a more educational one.

Will pick up the conversation with the teacher another day.

O.k. so back to my - it said I was going to experience fraud and that someone was going to try and steal my identity. Said a bunch of other stuff and drawing a blank. The Preshcool convo was just a venting side bar::))



Sandy C. said...

WOw! I don't blame you for being livid...I would have been so angry if someone was hitting my kid in preschool. I still have vivid memories of a little blonde girl that tormented me in preschool a ba-jillion years ago.

Crazy about your astrology! said...

Thanks Sandy for the support. I am still a little annoyed with my sons preschool. I plan on having a private talk with the teacher and the Director of the school. I needed to take the weekend and compose my thoughts.

Oh so I joined and I think you are my friend on there. I am so new to the whole BlOG world that I have been busy reading through the pages. I know the whole idea is to blog 365 days. WHEW! I 'll try.

Bit exhausted today. My little chica was up at 4:00 a.m. like she had a job to go to.

I dream of sleeping for 2 whole days.