Thursday, January 10, 2008

MY happy Day

I am Kerith's guest blogger. HELLO !

Had a great day that I just wanted to share.

O.K. MY HAPPY DAY.....It really started first thing this morning at 7:30 am to the tune of happy wails, coming from the room next door. BLAAAAHHHH sleeping beauty was awake. I sluggishly walked in with a faint smile "How is my beautiful little girl?" She laughs and plays hide and seek. prince. I go in his room and say "can I sleep with you?" He says "you are the best mom and yes you can sleep with me but lets go downstairs and have some waffles!"

We all chow down & get my prince off to school. My nerves started to take over b/c in two short hours I was scheduled to read to my son's class. Just want to please my boy and make him proud.

I arrived with a big stuffed bear(part of my skit) and my new favorite book "Sam's Worries" and then as a little treat "Green Eggs and Ham" . Sam's Worries is my new favorite b/c my prince has been waking up in the middle of the night from scary dreams. In the book, Sam's teddy bear strikes a deal with him allowing the bear to do all the worrying while Sam sleeps. Since reading this book, he has slept through the night for three nights in a row. When we finish the book, we prop my sons big bear at the edge of the bed and talk to him like Sam talks to his bear in the book. It's amazing that it has been working.

I had so much fun reading to his class. The pride, excitement and love I saw in my son's eyes was the best feeling. I shared his feelings 1000 times over. He was so happy that I was there. His classmates were equally excited.AMAZING!!!

Then Lunch

Then the Park with his play date (A beautiful little girl named Sophia) and my beautiful little girl.

Then Home

It was a perfect day for me(wait a minute...a nice lottery win would have really capped it off) but really...a day that made me appreciate all that I have! Sometimes it is so easy to forget but not today.

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