Friday, January 11, 2008

Who new???

Hello Again!

Thanks Kerith for having me as your guest. I love your blogs. I think Kerith is fantastic and her energy is equally as fantastic. Just love it!

So back to my original thought of "who new". So I was reading my Parents magazine last night and did everyone know that once a toy is RECALLED it is only ILLEGAL to sell in 8 states. The states are Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Vermont. I had no idea and I was really angry because I live in NEW YORK.
What if I missed the memo on a certain toy? What if one of my kids received a gift and that person missed the memo??. What if a retailer misses the memo and poor communication and they allow the recalled toy on the shelves???

So Parents Magazine suggest that if anyone lives in a state that allows recalled products to be sold, people ban together and write your state legislature to complain. The more people you have sign a list the better you are.

If you have Parents magazine, read the Editors letter to learn more.

So BAN together if you can....and write. I plan on getting it going for NEW YORK.


Ally said...

A good resource for getting people to band together is to create a simple website or blog about the grassroots action. Or even a MySpace page! said...

Thanks Ally - I appreciate the comment to get me started.