Monday, January 21, 2008

Two years ago today

Today marks two years since my mother - in - law passed away.

Maybe this is a little bit of what blogging is all about. A little journal...except it is for everyone's eyes.

My mother -in- law was a very spiritual, unique, warm, loving and fearless person. She was 100% Native Amercian Indian. She was a strong woman. She raised my husband, her son all by herself. He is an only child. She did the best job she could. She raised a warm loving man.
We miss her tons and I am sure she misses us. She was a personal shopper for FAO Schwartz and Toys R Us in Manhattan. So for me, it sometimes amazes me that I am in the kid business. I enjoy making children smile. I always think "Dena would have loved Mykidsregistry". She would have been my biggest fan and my biggest recruiter. She was dynamic sales person. She was infectious. She use to shop for tons of celebrities. She loved that world. She was once a back up dancer for James Brown...back in the 60's.

Before my son was even born she was shopping for special momentos and some quite big momentos. When I was pregnant I had a little mini baby shower all to myself with my husband. At the time it was so overwhelming. I was always thinking about her and wanting her to save her money for later in life. She was a spender. She was buying boy things, girl things etc..
She was able to spend some time with her grandson but not enough. She just loved him so much. Her son the prince was replaced with a younger model. :)
We found out we were pregnant with our daughter the night we held funeral services.
It was a tragic passing. She was hit by a hit and run driver.
Today, I am so glad she was a spender. I am still pulling things out from the attic. My daughter's room is filled with memories from grandma in heaven. My son too - he is very aware of who grandma in heaven is....

I share this story with MKR members as a little reminder to appreciate the ones you love everyday and make the most out of creating memories


Sandy C. said...

Wow...that is so tragic she was taken so suddenly. I'm so sorry. you are so right about living each day creating memories. Our time here is unknown...thanks so much for sharing. said...

Thank you. It's so true that our life here is unknown. Her passing has taught me a lot. I tell my family I love them more often, try to appreciate everything we have.

It was so weird when we found out we were pregnant the night we buried her. I had a girl(which she was praying for) and my little girl looks exactly like her grandma.

speaking of which - my little beauty is pulling at me now.

Have a good day.